David Feherty Show Premieres on Golf Channel

By Cam Martin 

Golf analyst David Feherty’s show on the Golf Channel, Feherty, premiered Monday and viewers should continue to expect a TV-14 atmosphere, replete with bleeps and ribald stories, Feherty tells Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

You can’t do this type of show and not have some bleeps. There will be a “Story from the stool,” which I’m hoping will be soft enough to sit on.

I’ve been in pro golf for 35 years, so I’ll have experiences in this from my own past. I’ll finish each show with a story. I’ll play a couple of characters as well. We’re going to try a few things this first season and see what works. I feel very safe asking people questions because of how [messed] up I am.

Feherty is a recovering alcoholic who used to habitually consume two and half bottles of whiskey per day while mixing in the occasional Vicodin. He credits Tom Watson with saving his life. Charles Barkley is among the guests who will be making an appearance during the 12-episode season one, but there is one prospective guest in particular whom Feherty is still hoping to land.

I want to interview Bill Murray, who I figure to be considered one of the major figures in modern golf. Caddyshack, which is his movie, changed people’s perception about golf. It lampooned it, and it made it cooler for a demographic that considered it to be elitist and beyond their reach.