David Corn Digs Up Bill O’Reilly’s Falklands Report From ’82

By Brian Flood 

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David Corn and Mother Jones are attacking Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly again. This time, the website released footage of O’Reilly’s report from Buenos Aires on June 15, 1982. Corn says that the video contradicts O’Reilly’s “war zone” claims, but the report does show violent protests and mentions that journalists were hurt.

The video contains moments of dead air that are not typical in TV news reporting, so it is unclear if it has been edited or tampered with in any way. Either way, it’s interesting to hear O’Reilly’s voice from back in ’82.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News published a column that gives an interesting take on O’Reilly’s situation compared to the controversy surrounding NBC News’ Brian Williams.

A Fox News Spokesperson has issued the following statement last week in support of Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly has already addressed several claims leveled against him. This is nothing more than an orchestrated campaign by far left advocates Mother Jones and Media Matters. Responding to the unproven accusation du jour has become an exercise in futility. Fox News maintains its staunch support of O’Reilly, who is no stranger to calculated onslaughts.

The video can be seen below: