Why David Axelrod Left MSNBC: ‘I Did Not Want to Be a Surrogate for the Democratic Party’

By Mark Joyella 

CNN senior political analyst David Axelrod suggested his move away from MSNBC earlier this year was motivated by a desire to do less partisan political coverage. Axelrod told The Washington Post “I did not want to be simply a surrogate for the Democratic Party.”

“CNN has really made a huge investment in covering this campaign and, you know, I think I’m a reflection of that,” said Axelrod. “They wanted my expertise and wanted to offer my expertise.”

MSNBC, he said, “had a different approach to the election,” that was more partisan. “I think that’s the nature of it,” he said.


Interestingly, :20 seconds into his first reaction following Wednesday’s CNN debate, Axelrod was interrupted by Chris Cuomo who conducted a 4-minute post-debate interview with Donald Trump.