Daryn Kagan Visits Old Set, YouTube-Worthy Material Ensues

By SteveK 

Former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan stopped by her old anchor chair at the CNN Center in Atlanta this afternoon, to talk about her book, “What’s Possible” with anchor Don Lemon. After discussing some of the inspiring stories in the book, Lemon broached Kagan’s 2006 CNN departure. “Let’s be honest, you thought that the worst thing that could happen to you was that CNN would not renew your contract,” Lemon started. “Actually no, I never thought that was the worst that could happen to me,” she said.

Okay! Check out the awkward exchange:

The most surreal moment, however, came at the beginning of the interview, as CNN decided to employ a voiceover of Lemon’s thoughts while he daydreamed about what it would be like to, “sit on the anchor desk with her, that would be cool,” until Kagan came and surprised him. That’s right folks — sketch comedy to kick off a cable news interview. Click continued to see it…