Daryn Kagan Signs Off CNN

By Brian 

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“Extraordinarily gracious farewell both to and by Daryn Kagan just now on CNN,” an e-mailer says. “She glancingly acknowledged her departure was not voluntary and plugged her new Webcast venture energetically, but also urged viewers to continue to rely on CNN for news. There were lots of little clips of farewells by various CNN people, all of which seemed sincere and genuinely affectionate, but there was none of the manufactured maudlin tributes that mar so many on-air good-byes. It was brisk but warm, and Kagan held onto her composure and poise. This was really a model of the way to handle these things.” Here’s her closing message:

  So I counted up 12 years and 21 days, and now it’s time for us to say farewell, and there really are no words to say thank you to this incredible place. Whether it was 3 1/2 years of doing sports or almost nine years of doing news, the experiences have gone away beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve had the best TV husbands with my co-anchors Bill Hemmer and Leon Harris, and the short time that Rick Sanchez stopped by, well, that was a gas, too.

But what I really wish is that you at home could all meet these incredible people who work behind the scenes here. They are truly what makes it such a kick each morning, to come to work, even though that means getting to work before the sun does.

And then there are you, the viewers. I have been so overwhelmed by the amazing e-mail and notes that I’ve received from you in recent weeks. And yes, we really did have some amazing mornings here together, didn’t we?

 And I, too, will miss the breakfast and coffee and watching the world unfold before our eyes, and not doing that with you, as well. I tell people that this time slot on CNN is kind of like being an emergency room doctor — you show up with a set of skills, and you have no idea what will roll through the door each day.

So now it’s time for my, what is next. My people who know me well know that I love not just watches what happens, but looking for life’s lessons, as well. And I’ve learned that if you keep your eyes and heart open, that life will deliver the most wonderful gifts and some pretty surprising packages. This year’s gift was a nudge and an opportunity, an opportunity to ask myself, that if I could do anything that I really wanted to do, what would it be? So from that came an idea born of my heart. I’m creating my own online inspirational community. It is based on the radical idea that the world really is a good place. Beginning November 13th, I hope that you’ll visit my daily Web cast, featuring stories that fit that theme and inspire by showing what is possible.

I’m calling it darynkagan.com so that it will be easy for you to remember, and I just want to share I man that I worked with back in Phoenix at KTVK, Jack Penland, he used to say that beginnings represent hope for all that is possible. So here is what I hope — I hope that with this new beginning, you’ll stick with CNN, because it is so important to be informed. I hope that you’ll stop by and see me at darynkagan.com and contribute your own stories as well.

And finally, I hope it has been such an honor to represent the most trusted name in news and to spend more than 12 years there with you at home. Thank you so much.