‘Dan Rather Reports’ at 5 Years, and Dan Rather at 80

By Alex Weprin 

It is a year of big anniversaries for Dan Rather. The former CBS News anchor is celebrating five years at his new home on Mark Cuban’s HDNet, and in October he will turn 80. Rather spoke to the AP about his program:

Five years ago, Rather accepted Cuban’s offer to put together a new show without knowing all that would be involved or even much about him. He recalled walking into a business that rents temporary real estate and the receptionist calling back to her boss, “There’s someone here who says he’s Dan Rather and he wants to rent office space.”

Rather also spoke about his former home at CBS, and some of the people who still work there:

“I have a lot of friends at CBS News,” Rather said. “I try hard to pull for them. I do pull for them. I think a lot of Scott Pelley.”

The 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks reminds Rather of one of his career’s biggest moments. HDNet and Rather will mark the moment, but it will be nothing as when Rather was in the anchor chair leading a major news division as it came to terms with a big story unfolding in front of it.

“As time goes along, I miss it less and less,” he said.