Dan Rather on Brian Williams and NBC: ‘He Trusted Them’

By Mark Joyella Comment

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather believes Brian Williams made a mistake leaving his fate in the hands of executives at NBC. “When things started coming apart, he didn’t hire an expert to help him,” Rather told Roger Friedman. “He relied on their PR people. He trusted them. That was his mistake. They threw him under the bus.”

Rather was in Toronto over the weekend for the premiere of Truth, the new Robert Redford film about Rather’s own news crisis, the 60 Minutes story about George W. Bush‘s military service that led to Rather’s exit from CBS News.

Williams, meanwhile, is preparing for his return to NBC–and his new role as breaking news anchor at MSNBC. His first day in the new gig is scheduled for Sept. 22.

[h/t NewsBlues]