Dan Le Betard Getting Own ESPN TV Show

By Cam Martin 

Dan Le Betard, the Miami Herald columnist who often fills in for Tony Kornheiser or Michael Wilbon on Pardon the Interruption, is getting his own afternoon show on ESPN2. Starting in September, Dan Le Betard is Highly Questionable will air from 4-4:30 p.m. To accommodate this new venture, Le Betard will cut back his radio show on 790 The Ticket from four hours to three hours.

Marcia Keegan, who oversees ESPN2’s daytime programming, described Le Batard’s program “as an opinion show with humor. It’s going to depend whether there’s a guest or analyst. Sometimes, he might be alone. We’re 4 ½ months away, so we’re a little thin on details.”

Hopefully they can spend the interim coming up with a better name for the show. Dan Le Betard is Highly Questionable doesn’t exactly engender much confidence. How about Quite Frankly with Dan Le Betard?