Dan Isn’t Confident In Katie; Says Making Evening News A Hit Will Take Time

By Brian 

It’s hard to take Art Buchwald seriously when he says CBS’s public relations staff is “bigger than the news staff.” But his Washington Post column has some juicy quotes from Dan Rather:

“CBS and I went to the mat,” the former anchorman says. “They wouldn’t give me anything to do, although in the news business there’s always something to do.

Here’s another exchange:

  “I asked him if Katie Couric could do as good a job.

He said, ‘CBS thinks she will.’

‘The question was: Do you think she could?’

Dan said, ‘In time, I think she will. It took her 15 years to make the ‘Today’ show a hit. I’m sure it will take her longer than that to beat Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams.’