Dan Abrams On Today’s “Menu”

By SteveK 

Dan Abrams, founder and CEO of Abrams Reseach and NBC News legal correspondent, joined us this morning on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu.

We discussed the future of Abrams Research as well as the first survey released by the company, relating to business journalists. “I think journalists are very good about taking a look back at what they’ve done and asking themselves the question ‘did I do everything I could,'” he said this morning.

We also talked about President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to meet with prominent liberal and conservative commentators and columnists this week. “If you are an opinion journalist, if you are a talk show host, who is either liberal or conservative, you can be much more honest about your views on an issue, and I think that can be much more useful for Obama,” Abrams said of the decision. He also gives his take on whether NBC has to worry about the FCC looking into the Golden Globes telecast (he think they’re in the clear).

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