Cynthia McFadden’s Reporting on Humanitarian Crisis in the Central African Republic Helped Raise Nearly $2 Million in Donations to Unicef

By A.J. Katz 

We interviewed NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden three months ago today. She had just returned from a trip to the Central African Republic, where she was reporting on the humanitarian crisis and danger she encountered.

Her reports aired across NBC News–including Today, NBC Nightly News, Weekend Nightly News, EuroNews, NBC News digital and other NBC News platforms–during the week of March 6.

McFadden sat on a National Press Club panel with Unicef U.S. president and CEO Caryl Stern and UN Foundation svp Peter Yeo today, where she spoke about the challenges of reporting from CAR.

According to McFadden, within 48 hours after her first report aired, Americans had donated $1.6 million for Plumpy’nut for Unicef. That number has now grown to roughly $1.8 million. “When you do good reporting, the generosity of the American people really comes shining through, and most of the donations were in $10 or $20,” said McFadden.

Added Yeo: “The impact of the story not only raised $1.8 million to make sure that kids have access to Plump’nut, but it also inspired Congress to introduce legislation specifically focused on the Central African Republic that I expect will move forward that focus on the humanitarian situation.”