Curt Schilling Talks Cyber Bullying With MSNBC’s Tamron Hall

By Brian Flood 

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Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling sat down with MSNBC’s Tamron Hall on “NewsNation” to discuss firing back at the people who attacked his daughter on Twitter.

CurtSchilling said he “contacted nine boys” who went after his daughter on social media. Among the nine, five of them were college athletes. “I heard someone say it perfectly, ‘some of these guys have ruined 140K scholarships in 140 characters.’” Schilling told Hall.

It all started when Schilling sent out a Tweet congratulating his daughter for earning a spot on a softball team. He received vile, sexist and despicable responses directed at his daughter. The Tweets he received resulted in the three-time World Series champion outing the cyber bullies on his blog. Since his blog post, comments made regarding Schilling’s daughter have resulted in the firing of a Yankees employee and the suspension of at least one college student.

When Hall asked if Schilling hired people to track down the bullies, his response was simply, “I didn’t have to. You can use Google to do most of the work. People are stupid.”

“You don’t have to have money. You don’t have to be a celebrity to fix this [cyber bullying]. You have to out these people,” Schilling said.

Hall asked if Schilling scared about people losing jobs or scholarships as a result of the Twitter attacks on his daughter. “No. Once you attack my family the rules go out the window,” Schilling answered before mentioning that people have killed themselves over being the victims of cyber bullying.

“This is no different than someone walk in front of your daughter and punching her in the face,” Schilling said.

This comes only 48 hours after ESPN’s Keith Olbermann called for an end of social media bullying. You can bet the baseball-loving Olbermann will have Schilling as a guest in the very near future. Check out the full interview below: