Cult Month on MSNBC

By Chris Ariens 

Starting tomorrow night, and continuing each Sunday in October, MSNBC’s long-form unit will air documentaries on some of America’s most notorious cults. “Will You Kill For Me? Charles Manson and His Followers” airs tomorrow, then next Sunday “Witness to Jonestown” will air.

It all leads up to the Oct. 18 premiere of “Witness to Waco.”

The 2-hour special gives an in-depth look into the Branch Davidian cult and its leader David Koresh. It begins in the late ’80s, and continues into the early 90’s culminates in the fiery end of the compound near Waco, Texas on April 19, 1993. The documentary features interviews with survivors of the tragedy and rarely-seen footage of Koresh and other members of the group inside the compound throughout the nearly two-month siege.

“Witness to Waco” debuts Sunday, Oct. 18 at 10pmET.