Cramer Skews Young? Not According To #’s

By Brian 

“I love doing my show and consider it a success, but compare the numbers with the rest of cable news and you can see that there aren’t really that many people watching,” Jim Cramer admits in his must-read New York essay.

Later in the piece, though, Cramer makes a bold assertion: “My audience skews young — about 28 years old, with about 40 percent being college kids. At least that’s who calls in.”

It’s surprising that Cramer was allowed to make that claim. According to Nielsen data for May, Mad Money’s median age is 62. At 6pm, only 1 percent of his viewers are between the ages of 18-24 (1,000). At 11pm, only 4 percent of his viewers are 18-24 (3,000).

Sure, Nielsen doesn’t adaquately measure college viewers. But does Cramer really believe his audience skews young? Some twenty-somethings are calling in, but many more sixty-somethings are watching…

> Update: 7:50pm: For Cramer’s 11pm repeat of Mad Money, two out of ten viewers are 18-34, a high percentage for business news, CNBC notes…