It’s a Girl for Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak

By A.J. Katz 

Oh baby! Today national correspondent/MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin and his wife ESPN SportsCenter anchor Lindsay Czarniak welcomed their second child into the world on Saturday morning: Sybil “Sibby” Ann Melvin. Sibby is the couple’s first girl, and 2 1/2 year old Delano “Del” Melvin can now call himself “big brother.”

Melvin and Czarniak  decided they didn’t want to know the baby’s gender in advance, and the name “Sibby” began as sort of a unisex shorthand for the word “sibling.” The couple used the word to get Del used to the thought of a new sibling, and it apparently stuck.

Melvin told Today he was hoping the newborn would be a girl. His wish came true.

“The first words I said to her were, ‘Oh, you’re so precious,’” said Melvin. “I was responsible for informing my wife what the sex was … You get in the delivery room and things started happening, and you just, you get beside yourself and you forget what you’re supposed to do.”

Czarniak had become used to raising a boy, and is thrilled she now has a girl. She also feels the second experience was easier than the first.

“The good thing is you feel a little more experienced, so in that way that’s great,” she continued. “It was a little more emotional for me, for some reason, because it was so wonderful the first time. But the second time — to have a healthy child is one thing, but to realize it’s about to happen again … It made me that much more grateful.”

If Sibby is anything like her parents, we’ll surely be seeing her behind an anchor’s desk some time in the 2040s! Whether it’s politics or sports remains to be seen…