Covering the Veeps

By SteveK 

The cablers have been employing countdown clocks more than eight hours before the debate tonight, and all networks are gearing up for coverage:

• ABC — Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos anchor from New York. Kate Snow reports from the debate.

• CBS — Katie Couric anchors from St. Louis (Maggie Rodriguez does today and tomorrow as well for The Early Show). Couric is joined by Bob Schieffer at the debate and Jeff Greenfield in New York, among others. Her webcast tonight lasts for approximately 30 minutes after the debate.

• CNN — Wolf Blitzer, Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs anchor from New York. AC 360 begins airs from 10:30pmET-MidnightET. John King will be at the “Magic Wall.” Soledad O’Brien will again be with voters for live reaction. CNN’s Dana Bash, Candy Crowley, Suzanne Malveaux and Bill Schneider are reporting live from the debate site.

• FNC — FNC begins special coverage at 8:50pmET, following a live O’Reilly Factor. Brit Hume anchors until 11:15pmET, followed by Hannity & Colmes until MidnightET from the debate Spin Room. Greta Van Susteren anchors the following hour. Shepard Smith anchors FOX network’s coverage. Bret Baier anchors The Strategy Room on during the debate. FBN will cover the debate, anchored by Neil Cavuto.

• MSNBC — David Gregory anchors debate coverage beginning at 9pmET, and again after at 10:30pmET. A special live Countdown with Keith Olbermann airs at 11pmET, with a live Hardball with Chris Matthews at MidnightET. CNBC airs the debate and analysis from 9-11pmET.

• NBC — Brian Williams anchors from New York. Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Ron Allen and Savannah Guthrie will report from St. Louis. Tom Brokaw joins Williams in New York.

• C-SPAN — A preview begins at 7:30pmET, and the debate airs live. It also can be seen on the Debate Hub web site.