Court TV’s Dimond Felt Threatened By M.J. Superfan: “He Wants People To Attack Me”

By Brian 

Court TV anchor Diane Dimond alleges that Michael Jackson “superfan” BJ Hickman “was inciting people to attack her and she felt so threatened that Court TV hired three guards to protect her,” the AP reports. Hickman has to stay 20 feet away from Dimond and can’t communicate with her. His attorney, Gerardo Camacho, says her allegations are “pretty weak.”

> “Every day since early in the Jackson trial he comes to court and yells,” Dimond wrote in her application for the order. “He incites others to threaten me harm. He posts incendiary messages on various Web sites. I believe he wants people to attack me.”

> “He’s screamed obscenities at journalists as they tried to file reports, referred to one repeatedly as a “media whore” and generally thrown his weight around as the mouthpiece for the Michael Jackson superfans,” says.