Couric Watch: “We’re Going To Take Some Risks & Try Some New Things”

By Brian 

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> Update: 11:38am: “Katie Couric’s statement that she will be ‘taking some risks’
are empty words — coming right after the posting of the kidnapping of the FNC crew. Risk takers, indeed,” an e-mailer says…

Here are some morning paper quotables from yesterday’s interviews with Katie Couric:

> Courant: “We have our work cut out for us in terms of coming up with something that is innovative and maintains the tradition and integrity of CBS News. We’ve been in the process of figuring out things we can do that can enable us to take a fresh approach while also giving people the information they need.”

> NYDN: “Exactly how the show will come together has not been revealed. Citing the competitive nature of the business, Couric said they’re going to give viewers greater perspective on stories. ‘We’re going to take some risks and try some new things,’ she said.

> WP: When would she go on the road? “If it’s going to advance the story — if I get an interview with an important figure in said hot spot — obviously I want to go. Do I want to go just to put on a flak jacket and front a news show? Not necessarily. Viewers are smart. They understand when someone really needs to be there and when it’s more of a show.”

> Reuters: “I’ve been working on a ’60 Minutes’ piece that will air September 10 and planning some other pieces as wel. That’s been very time consuming. I really want to come out of the box strong. As a reporter, I’ve wanted to be involved in some of the [breaking] stories, but I also understand the importance of good planning [for the first newscast].”