Couric Watch: Trying To Make “Thoughtful Decision” While Ignoring “Media Spotlight”

By Brian 

There isn’t an “unusual window” in Katie Couric‘s “present contract that would allow CBS to snatch her up this month,” according to today’s NYT. In an interview yesterday, Couric dismissed that rumor.

“Obviously my contract is up in May; that’s the one thing that is actually true,” she said. (May 31, to be precise.)

In a conversation with Bill Carter, Couric didn’t deny that CBS News might be in the mix of that decision. “I am really fortunate and flattered that I have some opportunities, a variety of opportunities,” she said. “I am trying to make a thoughtful decision while being in the middle of this media spotlight, which I am trying to ignore.”

“CBS executives cannot legally make her an official offer until around May 1 — although of course they are allowed to be as ardent as they like in private conversation, telling Ms. Couric how much they admire her talents,” Carter writes.

So, with the 10-year win streak secured, “a new date to be reckoned with looms: May 31.”

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