Couric Watch: Katie Would Anchor Evening News & Contribute To 60 Minutes

By Brian 

It’s the Wall Street Journal’s turn to write about the financial aspects of the network morning shows and evening newscasts. The story includes this new nugget about Katie Couric:

“Key to CBS’s proposal, according to people familiar with the situation, is that Ms. Couric take a role in both the ‘Evening News’ and on ’60 Minutes.’ Ms. Couric has long desired to be a part of the prestigious news magazine, in part because her father, who worked for the Associated Press, viewed it as the ultimate in TV journalism. To woo Ms. Couric, CBS would likely have to dangle a long-term contract that could reach about $20 million a year.”

> Also: “Although she started saying last summer that she wanted to make a decision by the end of the year, her contract — which expires in May — restricts her from signing a deal until after the Winter Olympics in February. The contract also restricts Ms. Couric from negotiating with other parties, although stars of her wattage often skirt the rules through technicalities.”