Couric Wants To Interview Authors & Cover “Hot-Button Issues” Like Abortion

By Brian 

“Katie’s interview with TV Guide sounds like she’s auditioning for the anchor desk at CBS Evening News,” an e-mailer remarked this morning. “Hard news, hard news, hard news.” Notice these two comments, posted on

Katie, what kind of stories would you like to do?

“I’d like to take a look at some of the hot-button issues and do them in a measured, intelligent way. The politics of abortion in this country. What are some of the issues and why do people feel so strongly and is there a middle ground? A constructive dialogue. I don’t think anyone knows what’s at stake and what would happen if it were limited to certain states. It’s a weighty topic to tackle. If you could have an intelligent dialogue about that, it would be very interesting and constructive. I’ve always wanted to interview J.D. Salinger and Harper Lee. Neither has ever done an interview. I love to interview authors because they are preternaturally bright, and it’s almost like they’re talking about something they are giving birth to. I’d like to do more books.”

Katie, what kind of stories would you like not to do?

“I wouldn’t mind doing fewer actors from NBC shows when they don’t have anything to say. But when they’re interesting and fun and engaged and passionate about their work, they can be terrific interviews, too. But when it’s “Why are we here? Why are we doing this?” I think there are a lot better ways to use five minutes of national television time.”