Couric To CBS: What Will “The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric” Look Like?

By Brian 

What will the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric look like? Here are a few clues…

> Washington Post: “Couric rejects the notion that her primary role is as a news reader… she has explored the idea of doing more live interviews, traveling to hot spots and running more stories that are twice as long as the usual two-minute pieces…”

> Philadelphia Inquirer: “Look for a new set and new graphics, but don’t expect CBS to tweak the format too dramatically. Couric will continue Schieffer’s folksy debriefings of correspondents, which have proven popular with viewers…”

> WSJ: “CBS News executives say Ms. Couric will spend July and August working to revamp the ‘Evening News’ to her talents — such as interviewing — but not so radically that it will drive away current viewers…”

> Chicago Tribune: “It will be a looser format,” the source said. “Katie’s strengths are in interviewing. She isn’t a voice-of-God anchor like [Walter] Cronkite…”