Couric To CBS: Perky Gravitas

By Brian 

A roundup of the critics:

> This blogger is worried about New Yorkers: “Where, oh where, will their morning perkiness come from now?”

> Jon Friedman: “It looks like CBS News is ready to pass the baton from Mr. Gravitas to Ms. Perky…”

> “If she needs gravitas, she can achieve it,” professor Kenn Venit tells the Tampa Tribune. “She’s smarter than many in the media give her credit for being…”

> Baltimore Sun: ” The dictionary defines gravitas as solemnity, authority, seriousness or earnestness. When it comes to TV news anchors, gravitas is also defined by the mental image of older, gray-haired men…”

> The Chicago Sun Times has the history of “women on the evening news…”

> Ellis Henican writes in Newsday: “I know, there has been some bellyaching from the TV old guard. They say Katie Couric lacks the toughness and the gravitas to be a first-string network anchor. They say that after all that time on a morning chat show, she’s just a little soft. But there’s an undeniable element of sexism there…”