Couric To CBS: Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> “Moonves, in wooing Ms. Couric, promised a commitment to significant change in the news division, including a bigger budget and an upgrading of the roster of correspondents,” Bill Carter writes in today’s Times. Also: One colleague of Couric’s says CBS wants to find a “special Internet component for her, as well as some presence on CBS Radio.”

> The Chicago Tribune editorializes: “Godspeed, Ms. Couric. If you can find a way to lower the average age of network news viewers from the early ’60s to … well, to even the early ’50s, that’s progress toward a more informed citizenry…”

> Connie Chung says: “If Margaret Thatcher can rule a country, a woman can anchor the evening news…”

> “This is a time of amazing change for all of the evening newscasts. The last one has been a year unlike any we’ve seen across the industry in 20 years,” Rome Hartman tells the AP…

> Watching from the West Coast, Charlie McCollum says “the lack of real assessment was fairly glaring” in all the Katie coverage…