Couric Is Just Getting Her Feet Wet

By Brian 

The headline for this story on Newslab is perfect.
“Williams: I live for this; Couric: Getting feet wet,” it says.

Here are the quotes, side by side, from the Los Angeles Times:

Brian Williams: “I live on this stuff. The presidential is the big enchilada, but as midterms go, I think this will be among the more interesting of my lifetime.”

Katie Couric: “It’s my first time in this position, so I just think it’s a great way to get my feet wet.”

> Update: 1:22pm: “Who am I going to watch for the best election coverage? Someone who ‘lives for this’ or someone who looks at it as ‘getting my feet wet’? If Katie wants to be taken seriously, she needs to stop acting like her position is some wistful experiment,” an e-mailer says…