Couric Hairdresser’s “Full-Fledged Fit”

By Brian 

Katie Couric‘s hairdresser Mela Murphy “pitched a full-fledged fit last week when she learned that she would be flying coach — coach! — on Couric’s much-ballyhooed first international foray as anchor to cover President Bush’s summit with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Amman, Jordan,” Radar reveals.

Only one business-class seat could be procured because the trip was hastily arranged. But “Murphy went to the foreign desk and screamed at people about how outrageous and incompetent this was. She threatened that heads were going to roll,” an insider says…

> Update: 12:52pm: I should note CBS’s response: A spokesperson said “since CBS News booked the flight very close to the date of travel, and seat availability was at an absolute minimum, most of the group ended up flying coach.”