Could David Shuster Still End up at CNN?

By Chris Ariens 

Now that David Shuster is all but finished at MSNBC, is CNN still interested in picking him up?

“We decline comment,” said CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson when asked that question, and a few others, about the situation.

MSNBC put Shuster on indefinite suspension today for participating in the taping of a test run of a news show put together by the CNN talent development group. In any given year, the group will produce 10 to 12 of these so-called pilots, including this one earlier this year. “Since he used to cover Washington for Fox and then he worked for MSNBC it would be a piece of cake for CNN to re-invent Shuster as a newsy host who knows politics and who’s mainly about the facts,” says NYU professor of journalism and author of PressThink, Jay Rosen. “I think CNN is ideologically committed to The View from Nowhere, which they see as bearing no ideology,” Rosen tells TVNewser.


But Shuster has gone ideological in recent years. At times, drawing the ire of bosses.

Shuster, based in Washington, is married to Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman. He was called to New York yesterday to meet with MSNBC president Phil Griffin. Shuster’s agent was also in the room. Insiders don’t expect his return to the MSNBC airwaves anytime soon.