Could ‘Clinton Cash’ Coverage Help Hillary?

By Mark Joyella 

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The book won’t hit bookstores until May 5, but already it’s being mined for material–and attacked by critics. Heavy coverage of the Peter Schweizer‘s “Clinton Cash,” has included a story today in The New York Times and an hour-long special report scheduled for tomorrow night on Fox News.

It’s also led to reports, like this one from ABC News, uncovering errors in advance copies of the book.

Some have suggested the book is the “most explosive issue” to hit the 2016 campaign so far. But writing in The New Yorker, John Cassidy argues all the attention given to the book may ultimately serve Hillary Clinton:

With Hannity and other conservative media figures piling on, the Clinton campaign will be able to portray questions about the Clinton Foundation and the family’s finances as a political witch-hunt rather than a legitimate exercise in vetting Presidential candidates. And if that happens, many Americans may end up dismissing the whole thing as a partisan squabble.