Cooper on 60M: “Neither Confirm Nor Deny”

By Brian 

This morning the New York Post reported that Anderson Cooper‘s people are talking to 60 Minutes’ people to get him a gig on the 60 Minutes newsmag.

“You might expect the Cooper scoop to smoke out the PR people into either knocking down the story or proceeding with a release,” Scott Collins blogs. “But as of midday Thursday, nada, which likely means that lawyers are still haggling over the particulars.” 60 Minutes spokesman Kevin Tedesco said “we will neither confirm nor deny” and CNN spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg said “we can neither confirm nor deny…”

> Dec. 13, 2004: “CNN to CBS. CNN’s Anderson Cooper just shot his first piece for 60 Minutes Wednesday, tentatively set for January,” Gail Shister reported…