“Conversations with Michael Eisner” Lives Up To Its Name

By Brian 

Did anyone watch “Conversations with Michael Eisner” last night? Anyone?

Okay, the New York Post did.

Holly Sanders writes: “Eisner clearly liked being in front of the camera…But as interviewer, Eisner showed little willingness to push his guests for responses that go beyond a press release. And when he did, he had difficulty allowing them enough time to answer.”

Other reviews:

> Paul Brownfield, Monday’s LAT: “Certainly the first episode feels mogul-wonky…Eisner sitting down at the far end of a long, beautiful conference table and chatting gruffly but amiably with power pals like Omnimedia’s Martha Stewart and Sony’s Howard Stringer…”

> Brian Lowry, Tuesday’s Variety: “The show is very much a conversation with the former Walt Disney Co. chairman, every bit as much about him as his guests…”