Contrary to a Report, Most Cable Networks Did Carry Pat Smith’s RNC Remarks Live

By Chris Ariens 

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You know when Saturday Night Live parodies Fox & Friends, and they pause for a list of corrections. Well, they’ve got one more. A real one.

This morning F&F was talking about what Steve Doocy called a “double standard” in media coverage: too much focus on Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen U.S. soldier who targeted Donald Trump in his DNC speech, but little attention to Pat Smith, the mother of a foreign service officer killed in Benghazi, who targeted Hillary Clinton in her RNC speech.

“I was on the floor for that,” said Brain Kilmeade of Smith’s speech. “It turns out no networks covered her. Nobody covered those live, but almost everybody covered Mr. Khan’s remarks live,” he said.

But Kilmeade’s statement isn’t true. MSNBC covered Pat Smith‘s comments, so did CNN, CNN International (via simulcast) and of course, C-SPAN. In fact, of the big three news networks, only Fox News didn’t cover Smith’s emotional remarks. Instead, Bill O’Reilly went to a commercial break when Smith came out on stage. When he came back from break, O’Reilly did a phone interview with Donald Trump, which meant Trump interrupted an emotional high point of his own convention in front of the largest possible audience of his supporters on Fox News. O’Reilly played soundbites later.