Contessa Brewer Off MSNBC’s Imus

By Brian 

Contessa Brewer is no longer reading the news on MSNBC’s broadcast of ‘Imus in the Morning.’ (“Any idea what happened with the Imus and Contessa Brewer experiment? She just stopped appearing without mention,” an e-mailer asked yesterday.)

Brewer will continue to be an afternoon news anchor, TVNewser has learned. Charles McCord will continue reading the news. (After all, Imus is produced by WFAN.) On today’s broadcast, Imus and the crew were reviewing a list of potential successors, an e-mailer says…

> “The last few times I heard the show when she was [on], the gang was increasingly piling on with some over the top comments,” an MSNer says.

> On April 12, an e-mailer said: “This morning Brewer looked like a fish out of water. She was clearly very uncomfortable and it was almost painful to watch.”

> On March 25, an anonymous tipster said: “MSNBC and Imus have allowed Imus’s on-air associate Bernard McGuirk to regularly make sexually offensive remarks directed towards Contessa Brewer. It is obvious from her pained expression that these remarks are unwelcome and create a hostile work environment for her.”

> In February Brewer was moved off Early Today to replace Amy Robach, who didn’t seem comfortable on the Imus show.