Complaints About New CNBC Graphics

By Brian 

> Update: 12:43pm: “Everything your bloggers are saying about CNBC used to be said about Bloomberg TV,” an e-mailer says. “Yes, it’s a lot of information and data but once you learn how to consume it, it becomes easy to understand and very useful.”

The only positive comment I received about the new Squawk Box was this: “Overall the new Squawk is very good, although a lot of people are seeing the bottom NASDAQ ticker half cut off. The graphics are great, the pace is faster and there’s much more information, especially just before the market opens.”

Most of this morning’s e-mails are complaining about the new graphics:

> “What the hell has happened to CNBC!? The clean, bright graphics have been replaced by over the top – dare I say tacky – 3D displays. Squawk Box now looks, sounds and feels more like a show you fall asleep to rather than wake up with. And what is with that annoying sound track to the market boards?”

> “The new sound effects on CNBC are so irritating. I had better sound effects on my ColecoVision.”

> “Squawk Box comments: 1. Sound effects are a horrible way to wake up. 2. Stock chart graphics are good, but stop twisting them in 3D. 3. Time down to hundredth of second: that’s just stupid. 4. Go back to the old bug. The top ticker is a distraction.”

> “Bring back the bug. The top ticker is terrible. Try keeping an eye on top and bottom at the same time. This was not a problem before.”

> “New graphics are not welcomed. In the market, all we want are the facts. Quick – concise – easy to read – easy to understand. I cannot follow the futures or other information at the top of the screen. It is difficult to read the 3 dimensional charts. Please give the information without the fancy stuff. If we want entertainment, we’ll watch another channel.”

> “They finally got rid of the invasive graphics! Let all the other networks take notice, we want less not more!”