Comparing Aaron Brown & Diane Sawyer

By Brian 

CNN anchor Aaron Brown’s blunt remarks at a recent “Journalism and the Tsunami” conference are worth reprinting at length:

 He also made light of the position he fills in the hierarchy of TV news, which allows him the title of ‘anchor’ but doesn’t earn him the star treatment given to higher-profile anchors and correspondents from the networks. He told about a Navy helicopter ride-along that allowed him to visit an aircraft carrier for a hot meal and a shower. “Now, I didn’t learn until later — this is how foolish I was; this is the difference between being a cable anchor and a network anchor — you know Dan’s living on that aircraft carrier. Diane Sawyer flew in, she had a nice meal, a shower, got cleaned up, went into Aceh, shot a story, went back to the helicopter, went back to the carrier. It’s air-conditioned, it’s very nice. I’m a schmuck — I’m sleeping on the floor in this house.”

Brown joked that “I prefer my natural disasters where there is a Four Seasons.” More…