Comedy Central Never Asked Aasif Mandvi to Host ‘The Daily Show’

By Brian Flood 

“The Daily Show” correspondent Aasif Mandvi spoke openly about the decision to select Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart’s successor last night in NYC. Noah has been under a microscope since being named the new “Daily Show” host, with a series of old tweets making news. According to Mandvi, it’s not a big deal.

Mandvi, who recently delivered a controversial speech at 2015 Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner, sat down with LinkedIn executive director Dan Roth as part of the “The LinkedIn Discussion Series” at their headquarters inside the Empire State Building.

“I think Trevor’s going to be great. I think they wanted someone who was a fresh, new face,” Mandvi said. “You can read that and act like he said that yesterday and have it define him, but do we all want that? Do you want your kids going into a job interview and being defined by the Facebook post they put on Facebook when they were 15?”

Mandvi says he is “glad” that Comedy Central didn’t approach him about replacing Stewart, as it would have been hard to turn down the gig but he wants to do other things in life. Check out the video below:

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