Colorado Shooting: Police Chief Tells Media: ‘Please, as responsible journalists, be very careful’

By Alex Weprin 

The police chief of Aurora Colorado, Daniel Oates, spoke at a press conference shortly before 2 PM ET. The presser was covered by the broadcast networks, which broke into regular programming, and the cable news channels.

Oates updated the media on the situation, but he also had a warning for those assembled:

“Please, as responsible journalists, be very careful. We are analyzing all social media that is out there about this event, and I can tell you that we are already finding that there are already a lot of pranks. There is even someone who called a national media station and represented [himself] to be me.”

Interestingly CBS was ahead of NBC and ABC in showing the presser, as it had already broken into programming at 1:37pm with an exclusive from correspondent John Miller about how the suspect planned to lure police to his apartment.  NBC broke into regular programming at 1:46pm, and ABC at 1:47pm to take the newser.