Colmes Quietly Blogging Away in Liberalland

By SteveK 

An Inside Cable News emailer found an Alan Colmes blog outside of the homepage. With “Liberalland” flashed across the top, the blog offers insight into Colmes’ personal beliefs as well as a revisiting of his recent interviews.

Colmes is listed as a contributor along with J.M., whose identity is not revealed, although Colmes is the only name that authored a post in the last week.

And post he has — with multiple posts a day, including three postings on Christmas. The unique situation allows Colmes to post reflections on his Hannity & Colmes interviews along with accompanying Youtube videos. Here he looks back on a debate last week on climate change, and even gets a little snarky in his introductions. “Senator James Inhofe (R-Flat Earth Society) is touting a list of 400 scientists who disagree that global warming is a man-made climate issue,” he writes.

Another focus on the site seems to be hatemail, which Colmes posts quite a bit of, including some of his responses.

The site does seem to be more affiliated with Colmes’ radio show rather than the FNC program he co-hosts, with a link to his radio page on the homepage of the Blogger site.