Cody Willard — “The Grunge Jim Cramer”

By SteveK 

Comedian Colin Quinn took a seat at the bar during Happy Hour on Fox Business Network New Year’s Eve, and shared some unique observations.

Happy Hour co-host Cody Willard and fill-in co-host Tracy Byrnes interviewed Quinn on his thoughts about the 2008 Presidential election. Quinn wasn’t touching any financial angles, though, as he said, “I told you I don’t know anything about business.”

Quinn did give his take on Willard. “You’re like the grunge Jim Cramer,” he said, citing Willard’s use of a Pearl Jam reference in an earlier segment. “That’s a compliment in a weird way for him,” Byrnes responded.

Quinn also riffed on the candidates, calling Sen. Hillary Clinton, “as sincere as a lap dance,” describing John Edwards look as, “like a late night commercial for a real estate seminar,” and saying Sen. John McCain has “got that smile like your father before he hits you.”