CNN’s Richard Quest On Life As A Journalist

By Alissa Krinsky 

The UK’s The Independent interviews CNN’s Richard Quest about his life in broadcasting:

• How would Quest describe his job? “Find something interesting or important in the world and go and tell the rest of the world about it and why it matters. Simple. I Love it.”

• The best thing about his job? “Telling people something they don’t know. Journalists are authoritative gossips — ‘Psst, have you heard? Since you went to bed this has happened. Well, let me tell you…'”

• Worst part of the job? “When nothing has happened and you have to keep broadcasting about it, when you have to keep the story going until something does actually happen and, in the meantime, you have to make it sound interesting.”

• What he’d do if he wasn’t a journalist: “Be a flight attendant, To work with those magical flying machines every day and see the world.” (Quest often reports on business travel.)