CNN’s Randi Kaye : ‘This Case Is Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

By Brian Flood 

In a special report airing Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET, CNN’s Randi Kaye will take a look at the into the unsolved murder of 51-year-old Shirley Reine, wife of notorious Cape Cod arsonist Melvin Reine.

“This case is like nothing I’ve ever seen. One family in a quaint Cape Cod town haunted by so many unsolved crimes. The most recent being Shirley’s murder which is perhaps the biggest mystery of them all,” Kaye told TVNewser. “What is especially surprising in this case is that Shirley’s death has gone unsolved for more than a decade, yet, the man investigators suggest is responsible has never commented about the case to anyone – including law enforcement.”

On May 10th, 2005, Reine was found by a co-worker dead in her garage, with one gunshot to her chest and another to her head. Shortly after her murder, suspicion quickly circled around her two stepsons. After a six-year investigation, police announced the indictment of John Rams Jr., who was tried for her murder in April 2014.  The prosecution’s theory at trial was clear, that Todd Reine, Shirley’s youngest stepson, hired Rams as a hitman to kill her. But a jury didn’t agree.

“For a journalist like me who loves covering unsolved crimes and mysterious cases, this story was a must,” Kaye said.