CNN’s Matthew Chance, FNC’s Steve Harrigan Talk Libya, Coming Home

By Alex Weprin 

CNN correspondent Matthew Chance speaks to the LA Times’ James Rainey about his ordeal in the Rixos hotel in Tripoli, Libya. The most touching moment came at the end of the interview, where Chance mentions that he most looking forward to returning to England, so he can take his young daughter to school:

On Wednesday evening, Chance said he was still looking for a good meal and to rotating out of the war zone. He has been based for several years in Moscow, but is relocating to London with his wife and young girl. “She starts school Sept. 5. I want to be able to take her.”

Chance said he will be back to cover the Libyan revolution. He is not sure when. But he knows one thing: “I’m not going back to the Rixos. I wouldn’t give it a good review at all.”


Elsewhere, Fox News Channel’s Steve Harrigan speaks to Men’s Journal about covering Libya, and the camaraderie that develops between his crew:

I have two people with me: a cameraman from London and a security expert and trained medic, who is our eyes and ears. We have a local fixer as well — someone who’s come back to his own country where he’s been exiled from. He’s got to take care of his neighbors, take care of his friends and disappear from us for hours at a time.

Are you all close?

We are. One guy will [watch] the battle and the other two might rest, and you take turns. And you really have to do everything. It’s not like you have this one job. The security guy battles to get us food because getting food is a real tough thing to get right now in Libya, or I’ll battle to get us into a hotel or Pierre [the camera man] will battle to get the satellite up and get the shot up on time. Every one’s got a lot of pressure, and every one needs to cool off once in a while. Sometimes it’s your turn to [keep watch] and let the other guy cool, so it’s a tag-team.