CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield: ‘I Sincerely Apologize’

By Mark Joyella 

Two days after she used the words “courageous and brave” to describe the actions of a gunman who opened fire on Dallas Police headquarters, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield has apologized in a short appearance on CNN Newsroom.

“I misspoke terribly,” Whitfield said on air, expanding on comments she made Sunday that were called “a flippant non-apology” by the Dallas Police Association, which demanded a full apology.

Whitfield, whose comments were dissected by other networks, was apologetic and unreserved this afternoon:

I misused those words terribly. And I sincerely apologize for making this statement, and I understand now how offensive it was, and I want to reiterate that in no way do I believe the gunman was courageous or brave. I sincerely apologize.