CNN’s Don Lemon to Critics: ‘I’m Glad I’m Stirring Some Passion and Debate’

By Guest 

Don Lemon is no stranger to criticism.

At The Hollywood Reporter‘s 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media party on Wednesday night, the CNN anchor revealed that though he doesn’t listen to critics, he’s happy to have them chime in.

“I’m there for the viewer. I’m not there for the critics, so let the critics be the critics,” he said. “I have your attention. I’m glad you’re watching, and I’m glad that I’m moving you in some way — that I’m stirring some sort of passion and debate. I love it.”

Lemon also admitted to being a devoted viewer of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, saying, “I think that Megyn Kelly is very powerful. I think that she’s very honest. I think that she’s very fair. I think she’s a star, and I watch her every single night.”

[This story originally appeared in The Hollywood Reporter]