CNN’s Don Lemon Is A Skateboarder, Rides Subway

By Brian Flood 

CNN Digital producer Jason Kurtz hosts a new web series Office Hours With… The series offers a behind-the-scenes look at CNN anchors. The debut episode features Don Lemon showing off the skateboard collection that hangs in his office and discussing his on-air personality.

“I used to be careful, a little but more careful on the air. Like, too careful. Now, the same person you see on the air is the same person you see off the air. And I think that some people really love it and it makes me a polarizing figure in some way, which may not be so bad for cable news,” Lemon says in the premiere episode.

The second episode features Brooke Baldwin showing off her colorful TV wardrobe and why shoes she’ll pick for “news emergencies.” Baldwin also touches on her move from Atlanta to New York, being impersonated on SNL and who picks up the tab on her clothing.

Lemon and Baldwin both discuss how often they get recognized before kicking Kurtz out of their offices. Check out both episodes below.

Lemon’s episode:

Baldwin episode: