CNN’s Brianna Keiler: ‘I Was Surprised (Clinton) Didn’t Show a Little More Contrition’

By Mark Joyella 

CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who conducted the first national television interview with Hillary Clinton since the start of Clinton’s presidential campaign, said he was “surprised” that Clinton “didn’t show a little more contrition” in her answer on trust.

In a discussion of the Clinton campaign–and the issue of whether voters trust her–Keilar told substitute host Dana Bash she expected a more substantive response on the question:

BASH: What was your read on how she handled the trust question in particular?

KEILAR: I was surprised that she didn’t show a little more contrition. Because talking to Democrats, including Democrats who really want to see her in the White House, they’ll say, she didn’t handle the e-mail situation right. The Clinton Foundation controversy, that’s also a self-inflicted wound. And so I’m surprised that she didn’t give more on that.