CNN’s Anchors Find Their ‘Roots’

By Brian Flood 

CNNRootsAfter a year in the making, CNN’s one-week series Roots: Our Journeys Home premiers on Sunday night at 9 pm ET.

Over the next week, 13 of CNN’s most prominent hosts will set out on a journey to find their “roots.” From Anthony Bourdain’s Paraguayan ancestors, to the story of how Sanjay Gupta’s parents met, CNN is giving unique access to the background of its anchors.

To wrap up the week, Anderson Cooper and Michaela Pereira will host a two hour special featuring 12 of the stories on Monday, Oct. 20 at 9 pm ET.

The schedule goes as follows:

Sunday, Oct. 12
Anthony Bourdain – (9 pm ET)

Monday, Oct. 13
Michaela Pereira – (6 am ETy)
Anderson Cooper – (8 pm ET)

Tuesday, Oct. 14
Chris Cuomo – (6 am ET)
Jake Tapper – (4 pm ET)
Erin Burnett – (7 pm ET)
Don Lemon – (10 pm ET)

Wednesday, Oct. 15
Christine Romans – (6 am ET)
Wolf Blitzer – (5 pm ET)
Sanjay Gupta – (8 pm ET)

Thursday, Oct. 16
Kate Bolduan – (6 am ET)

Friday, Oct. 17
John Berman – (6 am ET)
Fareed Zakaria – (8 pm ET)