Ana Navarro is Not a Fan of Jared Kushner

By A.J. Katz 

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Republican strategist and CNN analyst Ana Navarro does not like President Trump. She made that known on the network throughout the campaign, and maintains an anti-Trump stance to this day. She said that the 2016 election represented the first where she voted against the Republican candidate for president. Her disdain for the sitting administration appears to have increased even more in light of a Wall Street Journal report published yesterday.

According to the report, Pres. Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner recently met with Gary Ginsberg, executive vp of corp. marketing and communications for Time Warner, CNN’s parent company, and expressed concerns regarding what he sees as “unfair coverage slanted against the President.”

Kushner reportedly cited CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker, as well as commentators Navarro and Van Jones.

Here’s how Navarro responded to the report via Twitter:



The issues the executive branch has with CNN are well-documented at this point. But they are coming at a problematic time for the network’s parent company. Time Warner is planning a merger with AT&T, which requires reviews by government agencies including the Justice Department and the FCC before it can get a thumbs-up.

The WSJ also reported that Kushner did not bring up the proposed $85 billion deal, which Trump opposed on the record during the campaign.