CNNI Ready for World Cup

By kevin 

The World Cup started today and while ESPN will dominate coverage in the U.S. of the games themselves, CNN International and are promoting the news coverage they’ll be delivering during the big event.

CNNI and CNN en Espanol has eight correspondents reporting live from South Africa — Pedro Pinto, Alex Thomas, Michael Holmes, Isha Sesay, Robyn Curnow, Nkepile Mabuse, Diego Bustos and David McKenzie — and CNNI says it will have coverage appearing in all of its programming. Since it wouldn’t be CNN coverage without some kind of bus-like vehicle, McKenzie is taking “Team Winnebago” across South Africa during the World Cup.

WebNewser has more info on the network’s online efforts, including the network’s partnership with Foursquare. also set up a page to collect its coverage.