CNNI Graphics: Emphasizes The Video

By Brian 

I have received many e-mails about CNN International’s captivating new graphics. “CNNI ‘s new graphics work because the plainess brings a photogenicity to the way the news is captured,” one of the viewers wrote.

That’s what the U.K. company Kemistry was aiming for when they “provided the strategic groundwork” for the new on-screen elements.

“Kemistry’s strategy was to cut back the font graphics to the length of words and sentences so that the video footage, so often obscured, becomes the most important feature on the screen,” their Web site says. Here are some of the other e-mails:

> “I’m surprised at the positive reviews for the new CNN-I graphics. I watched Your World Today earlier and thought they were amateurish and intrusive, blocking too much of the screen. To me, they resembled nothing so much as closed-captioning. I love CNNI but I hate the new clunky graphics.”

> “LOVE the new CNN International graphics, and what a treat to get them, mostly unadulterated, during the noon hour here in the US. Yet another reason to tune in for Your World Today – and yet more contrast betweeen the well-presented serious news hour at midday and that messy, glitzy-graphiced blitz of drama that CNN/US calls ‘primetime.'”

> “We’ve always known CNNI is ‘cleaner, smarter’ than CNN, as Chris Cramer says. But is the CNN News Group really pleased with its own calling CNN ‘cluttered … and heavy?’ By the way, doesn’t anyone but me think CNNI’s news banners look like closed captioning instead of something most of us should actually read?”

> “CNNi’s new look looks very… ‘We just invented the chryon’-esque.”