@CNNbrk Cracks 20 Million Followers

By Chris Ariens 

CNNBrkRemember back in Apirl of 2009, when Ashton Kutcher and CNN were in a heated race to see who could reach 1,000,000 Twitter followers first?

At 2:13am on April 17, 2009 Kutcher hit that mark. @CNNbrk, the breaking news account of CNN, hit 1,000,000 more than 6 hours later, at 8:55am.

Three years and 9 months later @CNNbrk to hit 10,000,000 followers, hitting that milestone on January 15, 2013.

And now, one year and nine months after that, @CNNbrk has hit 20,000,000 followers.

“This is rare territory,” says CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker. “No other news organization comes close. The only other brands of any type with more followers are YouTube and Twitter itself.” And, for what it’s worth, @CNNbrk has flown past Kutcher, who now has 16.5 million followers. Katy Perry still leads the Twitterverse with 58.7 million.

With 14.5 followers, @CNN is not far behind @CNNbrk. In fact, CNN’s main feed is the second-most followed news account on Twitter.